“Why a good #AR experience doesn’t have to cost big bucks”

“Featuring pictures of the food that customers could be eating is an effective way for restaurants to draw eyes (and orders) to menu items they want to push, especially add-ons and upsells.

A good menu takes this into account and is rich with imagery featuring its best, most delicious-looking items — but it’s impossible to include pictures of everything. Some dishes will always get overshadowed by the stars of the menu.

That’s a problem that virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR) could help solve. For example, the EatX AR platform by Harald Xperience allows customers to learn more about menu items by scanning them with a smartphone.

Doing so can connect diners to not only mouthwatering food photography, but nutritional information, origins and production details about the meat in the dish, and even video footage from the farms where meat or produce was raised.”

Read the whole article on PYMNTS.com.

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